Anhui Sealong  Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
bt盒子種子搜索神器 Co., Ltd.

Food additives and novel biomaterials

bt盒子种子搜索神器bt盒子種子搜索神器 Co., Ltd is located in Mohekou Industrial Park, Bengbu City, Anhui Province.

bt盒子種子搜索神器 Co., Ltd.

Quality First, Customer First

Built their own R & D institutions, now it has five patents, including patents 2

bt盒子種子搜索神器 Co., Ltd.

Malic acid production enterprises

bt盒子种子搜索神器Unique biological product chain and industry chain

  DL-malic acid
  Fumaric acid
  Potassium Malate
  L-Malic acid
  Maleic anhydride
  Hydrogenation services

【Molecular Weight】About 100,000
【Properties and Application】
The product is white or yellowish solid without odor. It has certain hydrophily, but is insoluble in water. Under different humidity conditions, its morphologic and mechanical properties are basically not changed. Its degrading property is high, so it can degrade in about three month. The product is stronger than or as strong as PE and can be processed by common plastic equipment. This product also can resist oil and other chemicals (except methanol and glycol). It also has high lightfastness, oxygen resistance, printability, etc.
bt盒子种子搜索神器 【Quality Index of PBS Product】

 Tensile strength,MPa


 Elongation at Break ,%


 Impact Strength of Notch of Cantilever Beam(kJ/m2)


 Bending Strength ,MPa


 Bending Modulus ,MPa



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